The (AECR) brings together parties committed to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, private property, low taxes, sound money, free trade, open competition, and the devolution of power.

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The European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) is a conservative, non-federalist political group in the European Parliament. The group, which was only created in 2009, currently comprises 71 MEPs, making it the third largest group in the Parliament.

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New Direction is a free market, euro-realist foundation established in 2010 and based in Brussels. It is the AECR’s think-tank.

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The European Conservatives (EC) Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe became an affiliated partner of the AECR following a unanimous decision by its members on the 29 September 2014.

The EC Group has 62 members from 11 countries. 

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The Committee of the Regions’ European Conservatives and Reformists Group was formed on 10 April 2013 and officially announced during the 11-12 April 100th Committee plenary session.
It comprises representatives from seven EU Member States (Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom).
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The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe is a pan-European political assembly, the 636 members of which hold elective office (they may be regional or municipal councillors, mayors or presidents of regional authorities) representing over 200,000 authorities in 47 European states.

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group on the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities consists of 29 members from seven countries: Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland and Norway. 

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