EYC Freedom Summit 2016 live stream


The European Young Conservatives (EYC) Freedom Summit is being held in Porto, Portugal at the moment. Follow this high-profile international event on our Facebook and Twitter sites!

The aim of this unique event is to discuss centre-right politics and to support the spread of liberal and conservative principles. The Summit’s topics will include nationhood, international trade, security and defence and the refugee crisis.

Participants will include highly qualified speakers from international politics, thinks tanks, business and academia, including RT Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade UK, Prof Joao Carlos Espada, Director of the Institute of Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal, and Alexandr Vondra, former Czech Minister of Defence and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

You will find further information on our event at http://www.eycfreedomsummit.com, including a more detailed summit programme and a complete list of EYC’s guests and speakers.

Source: AECR