AECR mourns after airport attack in Istanbul

29 Jun, 2016 - The AECR mourns with the victims and their families of yesterday’s horrible gun and suicide bomb attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared today a national day… Read more

PzP: School of Modern Conservatism III

23 Jun, 2016 - Last weekend, more then 60 local party officials of PzP (Movement for Change) and Youth Network’s activists… Read more

German Constitutional Court rejects legal challenges against ECB

21 Jun, 2016 - Germany’s highest court ruled this morning that a legal challenge against the European Central Bank’s (ECB) key tool… Read more

Ashley Fox: This referendum campaign has harmed our party’s reputation, and I’ll be glad when it’s over.

20 Jun, 2016 - Ashley Fox is an MEP for South West England, and is the leader of Britain’s Conservative MEPs.… Read more

Paul Goodman: An MP is murdered. Shocking, yes – but not at all surprising. The portents were there. This was coming.

17 Jun, 2016 - Paul Goodman is a UK Conservative Party politician and the executive editor of the website… Read more

Gunnar Heinsohn awarded by New Direction

16 Jun, 2016 - Yesterday, German Professor of Sociology Gunnar Heinsohn (University of Bremen) was awarded with the Liberty Award of… Read more